Knowledge and skills agency

Do you have education and training needs that seem difficult to meet?

Do effective training solutions seem too expensive?

Relevant Limited is a knowledge and skills agency providing education and training solutions in the New Zealand infrastructure and engineering sectors. Our approach is simple - we create and share knowledge and skills, and work collaboratively to ensure solutions meet your actual needs.

If you need help funding your education and training activities, let us assist you there too. What makes relevant unique is our approach to funding education and training solutions.

Products & Services

Relevant's education and training services enable your infrastructure or engineering organisation to respond effectively to the knowledge and skills needs of your people in work.

You can also take advantage of our range of ready-made online products and resources to support your education and training lifecycle.

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Overcoming Barriers

As our infrastructure ages, our people and their expertise have become our real assets. But as you know we have some big capability and competency gaps.

At Relevant, we are leading several projects aimed at closing these gaps.

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